Feel Free

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The Feel Free Vision

Sometimes emotions can feel scary, but they are part of what makes us human. Life is challenging and running from our feelings often causes more problems than it solves. Counselling helps you get in touch with your emotions, enabling you to feel freely and live life with more zest and spontaneity.

In this world of fast communication it is often hard to find someone to listen to you, and when you do perhaps you don't feel understood. The counselling relationship is one where you can feel free to set the agenda and talk about whatever is troubling you in a warm, non judgemental, accepting environment.

Perhaps you would like to feel free of depression, stress or anxiety? These are very common problems affecting many of us in demanding 21st century London.

Perhaps you are struggling with an addiction to something? It is easy to become addicted to anything. Excessive work, overeating, drink and even Facebook are common examples. While addictions seem to provide a quick fix to life's problems; they can begin to take over our lives, making us feel enslaved and out of control. If you want to feel free from a dependence on something, counselling can help.

I hope that you will feel comfortable to make contact with me whatever you would like from counselling, and that you will feel free to talk about whatever you would like to.

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